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The superiority and exclusiveness

Thousand people from all globe meet here every day. For the VIP of persons safety, special attention, economy of time, faultless comfort and convenience - the main priority. The state visitors and members of the government, a celebrity and business elite - personally for you special services.

Personally and professionally

Philosophy of VIP service at the airport is simple: professional and the individual approach to each of our visitors, whether flies it on regular flight or by the private jet.

Calmness and convenience

To guarantee faultless service and the maximum safety of visitors at the airport should be submitted not less than for 24 hours. In the demand the information on flight, a route, number of passengers must be specified.

Delivery of the passenger from a VIP hall to a comfortable minibus or a high standart car according to your demand.

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Yetkili Yat Acentesi

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